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Anti Crane Collision System Anti Crane Collision System

Anti Crane Collision System

Product Details:


Product Description

An Anti-Crane Collision System is a safety technology designed to prevent collisions between cranes and other objects, structures, or cranes within the same workspace. Cranes are commonly used in construction, industrial, and manufacturing settings, and the risk of collisions can lead to significant accidents, injuries, and damage to equipment.

Key features of an Anti-Crane Collision System may include:

1. Sensor Technology:

The system typically incorporates various sensors, such as ultrasonic sensors, radar, lidar, or cameras, to detect the presence of obstacles or other cranes in the crane's operational area.

2. Real-time Monitoring:

The system continuously monitors the crane's surroundings in real-time to identify potential collision risks. It can track the positions and movements of other objects or cranes within the specified zone.

3. Collision Prediction:

Using the data from the sensors, the system can predict potential collisions and assess the risk level. Advanced algorithms are often employed to analyze the movement patterns and trajectories of cranes and objects in the workspace.

4. Warning Systems:

When a potential collision is detected, the system can trigger visual and audible warnings to alert crane operators or nearby personnel. These warnings provide operators with the opportunity to take corrective actions to avoid collisions.

5. Automation and Intervention:

In some advanced systems, there may be an automated response to imminent collision risks. This could involve slowing down or stopping the crane's movements or adjusting its path to avoid the collision.

6. Integration with Crane Control Systems:

The Anti-Crane Collision System is typically integrated with the crane's control system, allowing seamless communication and coordination between the safety system and the crane's operational functions.

7. Customization and Configurability:

Systems are often designed to be customizable based on the specific requirements of the worksite. Users can define the operational zones, set up exclusion areas, and adjust sensitivity levels to suit the particular environment.

8. Recording and Reporting:

The system may have capabilities for recording collision events, near misses, and other relevant data. This information can be used for analysis, reporting, and improving safety measures over time.

Anti Crane Collision System Specifications:

1. Maximum sensing distance: 10 meters

2. Sensitivity Adjustment: 25 to 100%

3. Voltage: 110/220 V AC

4. Output Contact Rating: 5A / 10A at 110 vAC

5. Operating Temperature: Upto 70 deg C

6. Material: Stainless Steel


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