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Shrouded Bus Bar System
We are offering premium-grade Shrouded Bus Bar System that are in high demand due to their high strength and sturdiness that makes them capable to withstand electrical impacts. They are available in different lengths that can be customized according to customer demands.
DSL Busbar System (Shrouded Busbar )
We are dealing in the manufacturing and supplying of Crane Bus Bar(DSL system) that are designed by our skilled engineers by using heavy-engineering materials with high conductivity. These units are used to transfer electric current from the main supply to the whole unit.
Thruster Brake
We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Crane Brake drumsthat are commonly used in electro-hydraulic brake thrusters. They are manufactured by using heavy engineering-grade materials which impart high strength and rigidity.
Cable Carrier
We are offering a wide range of elements that are required to build a sturdy, robust, and reliable Cable Carrier system for overhead cranes to carry their power cables and lines whether they are electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic ones.
Festoon System
Festoon System are support units that are used to carry electrical cables, pneumatic, and hydraulic lines in the overhead hoist and crane systems. They are designed by using premium-quality materials which impart greater strength and sturdiness.
EOT Crane Limit Switch
Crane Limit Switch are safety devices that are designed for the controlled travel of crane hoist to prevent accidents due to collision.They are available in different sizes in weight operated as well as gravity-operated variants as per customer demands.

Punch Grid Resistance Boxes
Resistance Box are electrical units that are designed to easily control the current flowing the power system as per the requirement for safe and efficient functioning. They are manufactured by using top-quality resistive elements and highly robust mild steel.
Crane Pendant Station
Crane Pendant Station are smart and intelligent portable control units that act like remotes that make sit very easier to control heavy-duty machines such as hoists from a safe location away from the vicinity of the machine to prevent accidents.
Anti Collision Device
Anti Collision Deviceare sensor-based control units that are designed to enhance the safety of industries that are installed with different types of crane systems to carry or move heavy industrial items. These machines require standard alternating power with a voltage of 220 to 240 volts.
Radio Remote Control
Buy from us advanced and easy-to-use Radio Remote Control systems that are specially designed for the electrical overhead cranes that make sit easierand safer to control these heavy pieces of machinery. There are many different types of such units availed by us in different variants as per customer demands.
DSL Busbar System
An uninterrupted power supply is ensured with DSL Busbar Systems that provide DTL power distribution solutions for industries and commercial infrastructures. Our busbar systems are designed and calibrated for reliable performance and streamlined installation, allowing for improved space utilization and system uptime minimization.
AC Electro Magnetic Disc Brake
Highly accurate Magnetic Disc Brake units provide a perfect stopping power and is a very reliable method of bringing the vehicle to a halt. Adapted with highly advanced magnetic technology and low maintenance requirements, they are excellent talking points that provide exceptional safety and performance features.
Enclosed Conductor Systems
The Enclosed Conductor Systems play a leading role in optimizing efficacy and security in electrical systems. Order from us these products in large quantities as per your needs with an assurance of fast delivery. 
EOT Crane Parts
We ensure the availability of exact custom-designed EOT Crane Parts to ensure material movement activities go at an improved rate. Designed for reliability and performance, our parts are optimized for safe operation and efficient use, so you can have a smooth production cycle time, maximizing productivity.
Full Gear Coupling
Durable, energy-saving, and reliable Full Gear Couplings that smoothly torque between shafts delivering power transfer in industrial applications. These couplings are characterized by toughness and high speed performance, and therefore they can deliver the best performance in heavy-duty applications.
The Electric Wire Rope Hoists are trustworthy lifting machines designed for industrial purposes of vertical loading. They are designed keeping in mind, not only the durability but also the safety as their simple-to-manipulate functions keep the workers in long operations consistent in their performances.

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